To purchase Masda Golf Grips, please drop us an email at if you are outside Singapore.

Through our exclusive agreement with Masda Golf, Masda Slick 45 Grips are available worldwide exclusively through torquegolf only. These are different from those available in Japan. They are 45 grams and available in 14 colors (versus 51 grams and only 6 colors).

Masda Golf introduces their new Slick Fit golf grips. Made in Japan, the Slick Fit grips are made from Racing Tire Slicks used for car racing and drag racing. In the car racing and drag racing world, slicks have no grooves and give up to 18% more contact with the track than regular tires. The softer the slick the more grip it provides. This is the concept that Slick Fit emulates as well, believing that the smooth surface actually creates more contact and less stress on the swing as well as better shock absorption qualities. The Slick Fit is smooth with only a few grooves but produces awesome grip in dry or wet conditions.