Matrix Ozik Shafts - Best Shaft in golf. As used by K J Choi, Vijay Singh, Justin Rose & Camilo Villegas
If you are a golfer outside the world's top 50, you have historically been regulated to the offerings equipment manufacturer make available to the public. These offerings are typically expected to generally satisfy many different swing types and performance goals, not necessarily your own. Through the process of elimination, you must pick through the offerings before settling on the closest fit. It is up to you to then manipulate your golf swing or to temper your performance expectations to accommodate your new equipment.
The Matrix Ozik ZV/VEM IRON SHAFT PROGRAM puts the power of Matrix research and development to the task of elevating your iron play. You are now in the shoes of golf's elite. You now have "Tour Priority." With over 10,100 unique variances, your feedback will direct Matrix in constructing the combination that will unlock wining performance. When finish, Matrix will "sign" your OZIK ZV/VEM irons with your signature, your color, your finish - giving you an exclusive, distinctive advantage in the pursuit of performance.
All Matrix Ozik ZV/VEM iron shafts are made from at least 4 types of high-modules graphite. Integrated within this graphite base is a unique woven zylon fiber (ZV), a proprietary visco-elastic material (VEM), and our Tip Torsional Resistant (TTR) technology. Zylon fiber is the strongest man made fiber in the world. Often used in ballistic applications, Zylon has a higher tensile modulus and tensile strength than steel or carbon and yields excellent resilience. These properties aide in additional recovery speed and allow for exceptional, stop-on-the-green spin creation. Our proprietary visco-elastic material gives the OZIK ZV/VEM iron shafts the potential to store appreciable elastic energy as well as dissipate viscous energy. Dissipating viscous energy creates a remarkable "zero shock" feeling. Tip Torsional Resistance, a tour proven technology, acts to stabilize the shafts tip section. This allows for the creation of a flatter more stable initial trajectory, a key for distance control. Each material is manipulated in conjunction with an OZIK specific mandrel design and shaft rolling technique until a new, unique iron set is crafted around the performance needs of one individual - YOU.


WEIGHT (at raw length) 95 gram/ 105 gram/ 115 gram/ 125 gram
BALL FLIGHT (factor 1˚ difference in launch angle) High Trajectory (HT), Mid Trajectory (MT), Low Trajectory (LT)
BASE SHAFT COLOR OPTIONS: Silver Metallic, Titanium Mirror, Chalk White, Black Mirror, Navy Blue, Bright Orange, Candy Red, Bright Turquoise, OZIK CODE red (soft feel) (additional charge), OZIK blue (soft feel) (additional charge), Bright Pink
SHAFT FINISH OPTIONS Low-glare Satin, High Gloss, Low-glare Matte, Rough texture, Soft Feel (additional charge)
TWO TONE “MATRIX OZIK” LOGO STANDARD: LOGO PART 1 (word “MATRIX” and “OZIK” trim): Silver, White, Dark Grey

LOGO PART 2 (“MATRIX” trim and “OZIK” base): White, Black, Orange, Royal Blue, Silver Metallic, Purple, Gold

CUSTOM PAINT MATCHING $1,000 up charge minimum; Samples provided for approval; Subject to approval by Matrix