Blade: Special Edition by Miura - Small blade model specifications
(Right Hand Only)
  Material : Mild steel
  Process: Precision forging Finish
  Finish: W nickel (satin) chrome
  Set Contents: No.3 - 9, PW (8 Irons)
  Optional club: No.2
  Grip type: Velvet Full Cord
  • Discover the feel and control of a forged, milled, mild steel blade.

    As with his forged iron heads, the Miura forging process creates an ultra smooth surface with very tight dimensional tolerances. The result is a blade with unmatched feel and precision.

  • "Series 1957" - limited special edition

    Designed for players seeking the very best from a classic design” says Katsuhiro Miura.

    This new Miura “Series 1957” Classic design blade goes through the same forging process which makes the Miura Irons so successful in the consistency of the strike of the ball and in terms of feel.


      #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 PW
    Loft 19 21 24 27 30 34 38 42 47

    Miura Golf Debuts

    Special Edition Small Blade Iron

    VANCOUVER, British Columbia-Legendary forged iron maker, Katsuhiro Miura of Himeji, Japan, and Miura Golf Inc., have introduced the Limited-Edition Small Blade forged iron. The Small Blade features a nickel (satin) finish and follows the fundamental design, manufacturing and functional concepts of all Miura Golf clubs. However, the Small Blade's muscle-back head is about 15 percent smaller than the company's Tournament Blade iron head, and the new iron's face is thicker than the Tournament Blade's face.
    When asked why he would be introducing a smaller iron when the industry standard now seems to be mid-size and oversize irons, Mr. Miura responded "industry fads mean nothing to me. These fads are developed by the marketing departments of the equipment manufacturers simply to boost sales and have little to do with performance. What I care about is creating the most perfect performing golf clubs for golfers, and different golfers have different preferences. I believe there is a class of golfer who will very much appreciate the qualities of the Small Blade, and I have made this club for these golfers. This club is for two kinds of golfers - the first being the golfer who generally strikes the ball on the sweet spot and who wants to simply enjoy the unique pleasure of a perfect shot hit with a Miura club - the second being the golfer who really wants to improve and is looking for the most intelligent feedback on every shot he or she hits. Frankly, if people can cleanse their minds of the marketing hype that has been fed to them over the years, they might find that that forged blades are not necessarily only for the single digit handicappers. You are not penalized for mishit shots to the degree people believe and there are many advantages to these clubs, for example the Small Blade cuts through rough more efficiently than any other club."
    Mr. Miura, who is director of manufacturing and product development at Miura Golf's manufacturing facility in Himeji, Japan, has been making the world's highest quality forged irons for over 5 decades and is reputed in the Japanese golf media to "have the hands of God". His proprietary 14-step process assures that every Miura club meets the most exacting of golf industry standards.

    The Small Blade iron is available in 3-iron through 9-iron, plus pitching wedge. A 2-iron is also optional.