K-Grind Wedges (Right Hand Only)

This wedge, created by Mr. Miura, is the latest in our 1957 Series of Wedges. The “fluted” sole, Mr. Miura’s creativity along with today’s manufacturing techniques (difficult as they may be) have allowed Mr. Miura to deliver this masterpiece.  

The sole is designed to allow golfers versatility and feel. Out of the sand, the flutes perform like rails and off the fairway, the flutes allow a golfer the versatility to manipulate the bounce to all turf conditions.

Material : Mild steel
Process: Precision forging Finish
Finish: W nickel (satin) chrome / Black Finish
  55 57 59
Loft 55 57 59
Lie 63.5 63.5 63.5
Offset 0.35 -1.15 -1.65
Bounce Angle 12 14 15
"Commitment to Tradition"
Series 1957 by MIURA is
the limited special edition