2003 Cameron & Co SGD$500 2009 St Patrick's Day Lucky Dog SGD$350 2010 Bard Yard Dog SGD$200
2004 Hula Girl SGD$450 2005 Hula Girl SGD$350 2007 Hula Girl SGD$275
2010 Hula Girl SGD$300 2011 Hula Girl Honolulu SGD$275 2010 Augusta Georgia SGD$250
2008 British Golf Championship SGD$250 2010 Scotland Sc Monogram SGD$250 2010 Montery by the Sea Mermaid SGD$275
2010 TCC Black Leather SGD$300 2010 St Patrick's Day Johnny Jackpot SGD$250 2010 Halloween "The Bogey Monster" SGD$200
Scotty Dog GSS Letter Opener SGD$250 Honey Dipped Tour Use Ball Marker SGD$125 High Roller Clip Tool SGD$135
Peace of Time Bag Tag SGD$275 Weight Tool SGD$125